Steps Needed To Install A New Bathroom

The bathroom is the main room of the house that we need functioning.  If our bathroom is not functioning it can lead to a lot of issues down the road.  When it comes doing a bathroom remodel or other type of construction, making sure that you know what to do is vital.  This is why bathroom installation in fenton, mo needs to be planned out and executed in the right way.

Tearing out old bathroom

The first step is to tear out the old bathroom if you have one.  To start doing this, turn off the water to the house from the main outside.  If you fail to turn off the main water to the house, you could end up doing too much damage that would need to be repaired.

Inspect pipes and other damage

bathroom installation in fenton, mo

Once you tear out the original bathroom you will want to do an inspection of your bathroom area.  You want to see if you have any water damage, weakened boards or areas that need to be addressed.  If everything is looking good and you pass an initial inspection, you should be able to move on to the next step of the process.

Rework your floor plan

Once everything is out and looking good, you will want to look at your floor plan and make any changes that are required.  With everything opened up and free of distractions, you will now be able to make changes easier.  If you don’t have any changes then you can start replacing pieces and parts of your bathroom as required.

Purchase all supplies upfront

It is important that you purchase your supplies upfront.  This way you know that you have everything that you need and won’t be in a spot where you are scrambling for a small component holding up the progress of the remodel.